Quality Policy
The organization is guided by the following principles:
  • Quality of costumer service;
  • Quality of its products and services;
  • Quality in compliance with the commitments made;
It has established and promoted the following values:
  • The best results are achieved with the employees working as a team;
  • Training and information sharing within the organization fosters productivity and commitment;
  • The customer is achieved by differentiation and not only by price;
  • Continuous improvement is also seen as a means to lower the costs of the organization and its products;
  • Hygiene, safety, health, environmental and other applicable legal and regulatory requirements are not a legal problem, they are an ethical problem;
  • All employees have as goal the satisfaction of the client’s requirements in the scope of the functions they perform.
Aware that the quality is a concern for everyone without exception, the quality policy of the company counts on the participation of all its employees, which is a focal point for its development and growth.