The certification process for the new EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard is already underway and, in general, the requirements are already summarily met, but the quality does not stop there. Araújo & Mesquita is also adopting the guidelines of other standards in terms of Hygiene, Safety, Environment and Occupational Health. A working instruction for the application of the 5S tool applied in all sectors is already in place in the company and with which the employees have already become familiar. At this moment, strategies for process improvement and management by objectives are addressed and discussed at the level of the departments responsible where the KAIZEN tool is also not totally unknown. We do not work only for certification, we work to make the company methodical, organized in its processes, with quality in its products and services and, above all, to act in the market in a responsible way. That is why, although we are not yet a company certified by the new standard, given the number of requirements that we have already met and others imposed by audits of some customers of whom we are certified suppliers, we are pleased to be frequently congratulated over the work already developed so far.