Established in 1984, Araújo & Mesquita, Lda. was founded by José Amadeu Araújo and Maria Angelina Mesquita Araújo, an entrepreneurial couple who soon discovered the various opportunities of the industry, dedicating the beginning of their activity to the surface finishing by the galvanic method, under a constant monitoring of new opportunities in the market. As a result of their desire to grow and gain renown, they soon contemplated the process of injecting plastics into their portfolio of services, a strong betting activity that leveraged the company to more competitive levels of reference in the plastics industry. Araújo & Mesquita consolidated its existence, investing in human capital and equipment, which translated into an increase in the number of specialized jobs and consequently a need to relocate in 2006, from a pavilion of about 400m2 to 4 pavilions, covering an area that exceeds 2500m2. Holder of a strong know-how that comes from long years of research and experience in surface finishing, it has also evolved to new environmentally friendly methods and new solutions tailored to customer requirements, ranging from mould design and injection to product finishing. At present, the company is in a phase of sustained growth, based on a policy of quality and differentiation. Its aim is to expand and modernize its production facilities, introducing technologies that flexibilize and diversify its production, increase product quality and make its processes more efficient. Araújo & Mesquita is committed to the growth of the company, demonstrating it through total dedication and the accomplishment of large investments in a continuous way that have contributed to a productive park adapted to the needs of the company, a wide diversity in the production of parts in plastic, supplied to various sectors.