Project code | NORTE-06-38D7-FEDER-001452
Designation | Adoption of innovative production tecnologies to digitize
processes and increase production capacity at Araújo & Mesquita
Support under the National Production Support Program – Notice NORTE-

Main Objective | To strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-
sized enterprises
Intervention Area | Mouquim, V.N. Famalicão
Beneficiary | Araújo & Mesquita, Lda.
Approval date | 24-02-2022
Start Date | 01-03-2021
Date of the conclusion| 28-02-2022
Total eligible cost | 153.940,53 €
European Union financial support | FEDER: 69.273,24 €

Project Overview
The company intends to contemplate in this project, investments that allow
the expansion and modernization of Araújo & Mesquita, by investing in its
production facilities (imposing greater flexibility and optimization) and its
management model, enabling a wider and differentiated offer, as well as
expanding the market of operation and increasing its competitiveness.